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Programming and Art


The cubes project for oneminute festival is definitely programmed art. But how does the two disciplines – programming on the one – art on the other hand correlate with each other?

In the cubes project there was first an vague idea: Doing a computer animation about shimmering cubes. The idea was brought to paper and more and more details arose while thinking about the first picture. Only in a second step programming began to play an important role. The whole idea has to be brought to life on a solid backbone which allows full creativity. Sometimes limits were set by the technical possibilities, but in the end it payed back to do a lot of programming more by not falling back on predefined program code but developing the own framework to display, move and rotate the cubes.

After the functionality is implemented another art step of the project is now in progress. The various cubes has to be placed in the right size, with the right color, in the right place. It has to be defined how many of them should appear and if they move, how fast, and so on. This also is a very challenging part and a big piece of work. The software has to be tested over and over again with new parameters set, but the changes does not affect the programming itself, but the appearance of the cube. This is not programming art, but just the art of arranging moving objects.

So my conclusion with former projects and the beginning of this one is, that there is a big designing side on a computer aided animation or even game and that the programming is not the hardest piece of work.

I wonder what kind of experiences you made. May it be web design, GUI-programing or computer aided animation. Feel free to comment.


2 thoughts on “Programming and Art

  1. Dear strange author. I think your idea with the cubes is very cool and creative. When and were will this oneminute festival be? I’d like to come and see your cubes in action.

  2. Hi Mister Paranoid.

    The festival is going to take place in Aarau, Switzerland from 22nd to 24th august 2008. Visit the really funny website they have: I will publish the playing time of my little movie here on my blog.

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