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Adding sound to the oneminute video

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Beside the visual part of the video, sound is a important factor. The sound accompaniment of the cubes film are noises which fade in and out when the cubes becomes visible and vanish. The sounds are distributed on the left and right side as the clouds of cubes are. This means they are switching synchronously from left to right and vice versa when the cubes rotate around the center of the screen.

The noises for the oneminute video are generated with a java class which writes down the body of a .wav file. With the freeware tool “Audacity” the files are imported as raw data. After arranging the sounds with “Audacity” they are exported as proper .wav files.

The very powerful command line tool “ffmpeg” allows to mix the video and the sound down to a complete movie. “ffmpeg” allows converting from one format to another. Sure a format will be found to deliver the video to the oneminute team.

Below you see a first mix of sound and vision. As you notice only the blue clouds have sound associated with.


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