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What future do you live in?

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These days the world is full of specialists. Everyone is at least specialist in his own life. Therefore different persons are aware of different changes that will come to this world – or will not. But however the future turns out, some of us are aware of things that will only affect the live of others in the future. So the question is: Which future do you live in?

To me there are four answers so far:

  • A tech future
  • An art future
  • A state of mind future
  • A life concepts future

So what future do you live in? Leave a comment!


One thought on “What future do you live in?

  1. I have heard that in future will be:
    1. Every your word and your move will be fixed. Human beings will be united in one global net which will be consisted of computers and people. Everybody will have its personal IP-address and chip.
    2. The genetics will investigate new ways to feed people with gigantic chicken or 7kg-potato. Thanks God says starving Africa.
    3. The transport will be overgrounded so you won’t touch the dirty soil with your recently cleaned shoes! (The roads will disappear itself).
    4. Specialization of the science and office-work will reach the absurdity and there will be such professions as: “the chief of the stapler” or “the swab manager”. The other work will be done by robots.
    5. There won’t be local laws. The global jurisdiction will decide what to do with criminals no matter in Alaska or Australia.
    6. Retraining will be casual thing.
    7. Eugenics will take it right place in the future and we at last will bear “the right race”.
    8. Urbanization will spread to 60% to the 2030. The main part will live in megapolis. Other will live in country-side and farming with the help of robots.
    9. The religion will have bigger influence on people.
    10. Electrification of our planet will increase to 83%. Thus there will be alternative source of energy.
    11. People will chose sex, color of eyes and even skin of their future babies.
    12. 80% won’t be able to have a sex without Viagra.

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