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How many posts are never written?

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Thinking about how hard it is sometimes to write down a small and simple piece of music in the classical notation the question arose, how many simple and perhaps very good pieces of music are never written or recorded just because it is to complicated to do so. And going further, how many strong ideas has never come to life, because their owner found a reason not to bring them from mind into reality? How many blog posts are never written, because of a lack of time or just because the writer was too lazy to turn on his computer to start writing?

The interesting thing about all this things is, that people tend to bring ideas to paper or into a computer because the medium – pen, computer, camera – exists and has certain abilities. Ideas which are easy to transform into real things possibly turns more likely into reality. Ideas which are harder to transform stay ideas. The ideas themselves only takes shape on the medium with which they are brought into the “real” world. So the already existing things tend to form what is in the pure mind.


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