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Augmented reality and psychic augmented reality

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There are several activities going on in a field named “Augmented Reality” (see via (in German). Although it takes longer to adjust the cam of the mobile phone to a bar code or QR code than to type the available data with the keys of the cell phone, it is a step on the way to a smarter surrounding. If this trend is going on there might be a bigger change in the way we share information.

Link to QR generator from as QR code

Link to QR generator from as QR code

Although technology is  not yet far driven in this field, there is already an interaction between the real and the virtual world. User bring their experience during a long working day or a long gaming night in front of virtual system to their real life. There are so many computer worker and gamer out there and their perception of the virtual reality they stare at working and playing is not switched of when they leave their machines. They see, hear, sort and judge the real world as they are used to do the virtual one. And so our world becomes day per day a little more augmented.

This is not because technologies becomes more sophisticated, but because humans become more technological. As comic magazines started to spread, the phenomena of expressing ones feelings in “yeas” and “orks” became popular. Nowadays people overwhelmed of a beautiful landscape can be heard saying: “What a great graphic!”


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