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Social augmented reality

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After a post on psychic augmented reality here:, let’s look at some impacts of social media:

With the emerging of social sites in the most recent years a lot of people started to socialize on the web with all this new fancy tools called myspace, facebook, twitter and similar sites. And it turns out that the social environment in this sites is quite different from the one in reality. People one might not have seen for a long time are now present in the newsfeed all day or even all hour and there are a lot of new contacts located only on line.

With social media everybody is free to build his own social structure on line in much an easier way than off line. Because in the internet we can add or reject a “friend” with only one click, whereas in reality the social binding depends on geographic and sociographic facts that are much harder to control by the individual. A person can not choose his family and in most cases can not choose who are his work mates or neighbours. Possibly there is a choice in a wider sense, for example in some cases one may choose the company and  its philosophy one works for or the kind of neighbours by moving in the favorite quarter or not.

As there is a much greater freedom in choosing the digital neighbours and mates. Persons who do not depend on every follower can get very rigidly choose who are their friends or followers by sorting them out by the value they bring. By controlling who is giving input and who carries further own output, one builds a community around oneself which serves best a persons needs and a persons perspective on himself.

This sooner or later starts spreading out on everyday life as one becomes hints or invitations to real existing events or are pushed towards recognition of certain facts, the on line person one builds tends to become real. And that is when digital and real world becomes one – the definition of “augmented realty”.


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