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Simple guide to handle bills


Here is a little guide to an effective way to handle bills:

1.Go to the mailbox daily

Check for new mail and empty the box immediately. If possible put a sign at your mailbox which tells the postman which kind of free mail you never want to receive, like that free newspaper you never read or the heaps of ads you throw away.

2. Open bills immediately

If you receive a bill, open the letter as fast as possible and throw away the envelope.

3.Collect all unpaid bills in a file

Get yourself a file or a box or a register in which you collect all the unpaid bills.

4. Pay it regularly

Once in a month, visit your bank or post office and pay all the bills in the box.

5. Archive the receipts

After paying attach all the receipts to the covering letter and store them in a register at best just after returning from the bank or post office.


2 thoughts on “Simple guide to handle bills

  1. One more Tip:

    Get an folder with a ledger of twelve. Headmost you put all your unpayed bills. Now when you pay the bills, put the recipt in the ledge of the actual month and you have a one year archive of all your bills.

  2. Wow, thanks for this. You seem to be quite the expert in this category. I’ll stop by more often.

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