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Perception of the recorded own voice

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To see photographs of one self is generally and obviously not displeasing. As seen by the many online albums people tags oneself or others with their name. In contrast, to hear recordings of own sounds, especially the own voice tends to put people to shame.

The cause of this difference may lay in the fact that people are used to see their own photographs since around a century but seldom hears their own voice recorded. The audio recorder is clearly a shorter time available to the masses. But lays the fact that we do not equally often record our own voices in this shorter time span? The reason we do much more photography than audio recording may be of more physiognomic nature: Humans are known for using their eyes as their first sense (clearly before any other), so their first interest if capturing lies in capturing the visual environment. Maybe with the availability of video for everyone this will change. In video vision and sound both are recorded.


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