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Reverberation and psychic reverberation

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One of the central description of a tone in nature is its reverberation. Reverberation occurs if a sound is reflected by any obstacle so the sound seems to be longer than it was at the beginning. This effect was used in history back to early human concerts in caves, amplified in very long reverberating cathedrals in medieval Europe and is nowadays simulated with electric reverberation devices or software.

But aside the acoustic phenomena there is a psychic reverberation of sound which occurs when the mind is occupied by a sound that no longer persists in the outer physical world. It may also be called a psychic echo.

The most common example might be the catchy tune which comes back to the mind several times. Other sounds can be hardly forgot: Sometimes people cannot stop thinking of the noise of an accident. Some people are very much affected by strange voices, so they start to ape them, not always in favour of the origin.

Please tell me in the comment section which sounds, tunes or noises you can hardly forget!


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