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Mathematical simple colours in programming and webdesign

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Working on the oneminute video 2011 once more some quick colour decisions had to be made while programming. Sometimes just to test or to highlight a new feature of the video engine. Most of you doing programming or web design must have been in the same situation.

Some colours seems to come easier since they follow a certain pattern. Talking about hex colour codes the basic group is 0xff0000, 0x00ff00 and 0x0000ff which shows:

This colours are chosen quickly and every experienced programmer knows the result. A similar simple group build the two colors 0x000000 and 0xffffff which shows:

This may be no breaking news for you. But do you sometimes make part of the community which choose this colours when it comes to a quick decision?

There are other groups of colours beside the fundamental colours. When gray is needed the most simple choice would be 0x777777:

But the mathematical middle in between 0x000000 and 0xffffff is 0x7f7f7f which is also simple to type but slightly different:

When it comes to colours there are many different colours available which are simple to type: The next picture shows a gradient with the colours 0x1111ff, 0x2222ff, 0x4444ff, 0x8888ff, 0xaaaaff:

There are other colours which are chosen in sake of the numbers instead of a colour model. How about 0xabcdef or 0xfedcba?

Do you recognise some of the mentioned colour codes? And what colour codes do you choose when it comes to testing or quick decisions? Please post them in the comment section and with your help there will be a picture illustrating the comments on this blog soon!


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