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Guerrilla Web Sounds

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Most of the websites are silent. This means that there is no sound. There is no technical obstacle which hinders people to add sound or even music to their websites and there are enough sound designers out there who would be glad to do some work for websites.

The reason web designers do not use sounds is that users often get disturbed by the sounds. Everyone who worked in a strict office knows that people do not only hide their surfing abroad work tasks from their boss but also from their co-workers (they could tell the bosses). At some offices but mainly at home people tend to listen to music while using their computer. In both cases users of a website do not need an acoustic signal. And yes, it also decreases download speed of the site.

The solution to this problem might be “guerrilla sounds”: Very short and vague sounds that might as well come from another source. They would be small enough to download quickly and not annoy but amaze people visiting your site.

So, what do you think about the idea? Please respond in the comment section or post links to any “Guerrilla Sound Page” found out there! Thank you.


One thought on “Guerrilla Web Sounds

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