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Oneminute Video 2011

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This year Bitsphere participated for the third time at the Oneminute film festival in Aarau, Switzerland ( The video shown at the festival is the first video by Bitsphere done with a real cam. An augmented reality engine computes a virtual cube into the real video. The cube bounces off wooden tokens placed before the cameras lenses.

The application works in realtime. When a token is hit by the cube a sound is played out of a reservoir of one hundred sounds which are similar but not the same. So there is a big variety of sounds. To take the final video several takes were done since the application is not deterministic and behaves in different ways depending on the starting point and velocity of the cube and the position of the tokens in the field of view of the camera.

If you have questions, suggestions or something to say about this video or the application use the comment section below this post!


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