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Name what you hear

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In addition to two listening exercises on this blog which you find here and here, there is a third one which is worth to share. It may seem even more simple than the others but increases the awareness of your sounding environment.

To practice the exercise start by noting which sounds you hear in the very moment you do this. If you note a new sound then name it in your mind like “bell” or “woman talking” or “rustling”.

After a while you notice that you become more aware of your sounding environment than before. You may notice that you here consciously sounds that you heard but not remarked before.

It seems the exercise is getting the more interesting the more the sounds disappear in the environmental noise. When naming sounds try do it as precise as possible! This is hard when you are unable to check visually or otherwise what the source of a noise is. But it also brings in some fun factor. Try it yourself!


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