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Recently Bitsphere worked for the oneminute video 2012 which is entirely coded in c++ and not java as in the last years (click here for all the past oneminute animations). To tame the x-windows system many man pages needed to be consulted. A lot of them were last updated sometimes in the nineties.

Clearly technology for applications like twitter or pinterest existed long before the applications appeared but time seems to have to move forward the slowly evolving ways of thinking in symbiosis with the advancing technology. New forms of aesthetic expression always are  found with older medias. Just think of all drummers and singers! Compared to them it looks all reasonable to produce state of the art applications with technology from the last century. And it works that way. Many devices are programmed today in programing languages older than ten years. For example the android phone system.

Bitsphere’s video engine in c++ has the same functionality as the former one in java but is faster and has easier access to libraries that around there in the web. So it get rid of all the bridge libraries like jjack or j4v4l.

So what do you vote for? New art only by new tech or do you find other developments bringing fresh ideas? Let us know in the comment section!


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