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Blogging About Blogging In Time

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timelessThinking about the right time to blog brought up some different aspects of blogging in time.

It seems humans get used to regularity in their consumption of media. If they like something they tend to organize their lifes around it and obviously most medias whether it is newspaper, radio, TV, Youtube or blogging is more likely to attract a bigger audience if they obey a certain rhythm.

There are many sources on the net which helps to determine the right time to post a blog post. Bitsphere found this sources very inspiring:

What Bitsphere found most interesting is that it depends on the type of business you would like to promote and what type of responses one is expecting which makes the ideal time differing for different bloggers.

One very important source which is designed for youtube but also provides ideas way ahead into many parts of social media is the official youtube creators playbook.

If you have any experiences about online publication and regularity share it in the comment section below!


One thought on “Blogging About Blogging In Time

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