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How to embed sound in noise

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Our normal sound environment is an ongoing noise from big bang to paradise. Adding music or sound to this world can only change a small bit of this sounds surrounding us. One of the challenge to put music into the world is the shift from every day sounds to another tune. In a classical context this could be a rather standardized procedure like: you go into the opera house, keep quiet, nod to one or the other person, maybe say hello, take your seat, and so on.

In our daily sound environment exists many variations to begin a sound and let the audience out again and there are different approaches to deal with different situations. Four of them you’ll find in the following list. The list is far from finished but it might be a good starting point to get into the habit of distinguishing everyday sounds and interventions:

  1. to insert a sound like this into the noise                 --- < sound > ---
  2. to sum up the noise and tranquillize the sonic environment === sound > ----
  3. to mix up a clear aural situation to bring live into       --- < sound ===
  4. to add a completely different sound                        --- sound ::: sound ---

This thoughts seems not very clear but if someone is interested in this kind of theory, please drop a line in the comment box and we might go on there!


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