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Oneminute Ups and Downs


As mentioned earlier this year Bitsphere participated again at the Oneminute contest in Aarau, Switzerland. Sad enough the programming had to be done in rather difficult personal circumstances so it is way not the best video and the jurors in Aarau shared this opinion by screening it off the contest. To see it olympic: there is a video in 2013 and it was screened at all:


Last years video was selected by for a screening in various museums in Benelux countries. It was part of a series of videos referencing to “rhytm” which was screened during August in unexpected places in some known houses. For those who have not seen the video yet here you find it again:


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Bitsphere One Minute Video 2012

Once again Bitsphere wrote an animation video for the Oneminute video festival in Aarau, Switzerland. This years video consists of colors and music which change in an algorithmic pattern:

Bitsphere decided not to let the video run in the competition blocks, so it was screened only once in Aarau. If anyone knows about a one minute video festival anywhere else in the world, please drop a line so Bitsphere can send it there.

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Oneminute Festival Aarau 2010

Today the oneminute film festival in Aarau, Switzerland starts with a day for kids. Friday will be the day when selections from all over the world will be screened. Saturday and Sunday belongs to the films specially handed in  to be  shown at this festival. There are some more films, installations and an exhibitions accompanying the festival.

Bitsphere has for the second time after 2008 submitted a film to the festival. The film will be in block “Art & Experimental 2.2”. For everyone who cannot visit the festival or likes to view the video again, here it is:

If anyone has questions, suggestions or something to say about the movie use the comment section on the bottom of this posting!

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Oneminute video finished

Finally the oneminute video is finished and sent to the crew of the festival. Most important change to the last post: All cubes are tumbling and an intro and an end title is added.

Have a look at it: