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3 Lessons learned from publishing the sounds Muses I-IV

As you will find on as well as there are already 4 of the Muse ringtones online. Bitsphere will publish the other 5 to come in the next few months. Lessons learned so far:

  • Even with good preparation and a blog schedule there is always something incoming distracting us from publishing especially on social media
  • The sounds break with the style used in all the other ring tones before – the outcome is not clear yet but it definitely attracted another audience on soundcloud
  • Not only huge companies but also niche player re-use user generated content to generate traffic on their site by liking, retweeting or whatever is possible on your preferred site. So far it is a win-win situation by Bitspheres point-of-view.

Please follow the bitsphere soundcloud account to stay up to date with the muses project!


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Ring Tones – Muses Calling

20130728_Muse_Score_smallBitsphere is proud to announce  a new collection of ring tones at soundcloud and bandcamp. The ring tones deal with a theme widely known: the ancient Muses. The plan goes to upload one ring tone every two weeks. Todays theme is Klio.

To listen and download go to

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The CD Method

image_cdInspired by the pomodoro technique, Bitsphere recently worked with the CD-Method. The CD-Method as a rather simple and for sure known method – may be it is a GNU concept – works like this:

To complete a task – there where plenty to update the bitsphere site and some social media accounts like twitter or the youtube channel to properly promote the new oneminute video 2012– a CD was kept running. When the choosen disc was over – everybody knows it takes them about an hour to run – a little break was up. Just enough time to get another coffee and to decide on which task – it might be the same – Bitsphere will go on.

If you have a simple task managing tool to share feel, free to use the comments section!