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Sound Map Project, Bandcamp, Typo3, 2013

album_art_2013Several things are going on at the Bitsphere Project and made the blog becoming a little starving though in general the year started very good.

The Sound Map Project

The Sound Map Project is going on well there are already a few recordings collected. Birds, waves and the noise of a building site among other sounds. There are some technological issues the final version will for sure not be as intended and described in  the last post Developing a Neuchâtel Sound Map. The main reason about the technology change is evernote is recording sounds in exactly one file format which is very well protected by copyright in case of an android phone. But luckily there are many free recording apps which allow high quality file formats. Another issue is that a stand-alone web site allows more flexibility in providing access to the sound map for people with a less technological background which do not know evernote yet.


Currently Bitsphere is doing a website with the open source CMS Typo3. To work with a CMS to do the site and others was a long hold back idea which now comes true and will hopefully make it more easy to update the website on a regular basis. It seems that the skill of mastering a professional CMS also opens business opportunities. In the end the sound map may be done using that system too.

One Minute Video

This year will be a one minute video most likely too. There is an idea with an augmented reality app using a laser to generate music and then turn the outcome in a sounding video.

Ringtones on moved to

Vibedeck hosted the Bitsphere Ringtones for a while as mentioned earlier. Unfortunately they are no longer offering a free service and will drop all non paying accounts by the end of January. At this very moment it seems the best solution to move them to since they offer paid downloads with reasonable fees. is the new URL to get them. Still you may listen to all the sounds at soundcloud but soundcloud is somewhat too limited to offer downloads to non paying users so chances are that the limit is exceeded by people not really using the sounds.


Thank you for making 2012 the year with the most visits on this blog. If you have any questions, ideas or issues just make use of the comment section or the numerous social media links on this site!


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The CD Method

image_cdInspired by the pomodoro technique, Bitsphere recently worked with the CD-Method. The CD-Method as a rather simple and for sure known method – may be it is a GNU concept – works like this:

To complete a task – there where plenty to update the bitsphere site and some social media accounts like twitter or the youtube channel to properly promote the new oneminute video 2012– a CD was kept running. When the choosen disc was over – everybody knows it takes them about an hour to run – a little break was up. Just enough time to get another coffee and to decide on which task – it might be the same – Bitsphere will go on.

If you have a simple task managing tool to share feel, free to use the comments section!

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Focusing on the real economy – Ringtones moved to

For some time Bitsphere offered ringtones to download for free at the Bitsphere Website. Some downloads later the free as in beer way has not brought back any beer. So the ringtones now have moved to The whole set of ringtones published by Bitsphere are now in a set hosted by and can be downloaded at vibedeck for currently 1.90€.

One of the reasons of this step is as mentioned above a beer from time to time paid with money from the Bitsphere Project would be just great. Another reason is the possibility to gain experience in selling online.

If anyone does not have a paypal account feel free to send me a message or leave a comment. For sure we find a payment method.

Any comments are welcome!