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3 Lessons learned from publishing the sounds Muses I-IV

As you will find on as well as there are already 4 of the Muse ringtones online. Bitsphere will publish the other 5 to come in the next few months. Lessons learned so far:

  • Even with good preparation and a blog schedule there is always something incoming distracting us from publishing especially on social media
  • The sounds break with the style used in all the other ring tones before – the outcome is not clear yet but it definitely attracted another audience on soundcloud
  • Not only huge companies but also niche player re-use user generated content to generate traffic on their site by liking, retweeting or whatever is possible on your preferred site. So far it is a win-win situation by Bitspheres point-of-view.

Please follow the bitsphere soundcloud account to stay up to date with the muses project!


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A big draft for content

20130308_duckContent is king

Who actually is adding value to the blogs and twitters we are following? It seems although there are new social sites growing on a daily basis the amount of content out there is stable. In the mid 00’s there was a saying that 90% of the people are consumers where as 10% of the people really add fresh content as images, music or texts to websites. This may or may not be true any more. Most likely the ratio is the same today. But there are many more sharing buttons out there which allows surfers to duplicate links or even whole sources to other sites.

The same content keeps coming back

As the amount of sharing sites increase it is more and more likely that the same content is coming back to us. While there is more or less the same amount of creative people out there to really produce new stuff the number of communication channels increased dramatically in the last 5 years. So if we strip away all the sharing platforms from the content it seems likely that the production of content is stable. While more and more links to that content are circulating.

Some stats

In this visualization we can learn that 40% of all twitter users do not tweet at all and that many of the news are some girl magazine like things. But still there is a huge amount of links to content shared though this is not further specified in the image linked to above.

Keep going

This means that the people working to provide sources for the social nets and the internet are still few among many. Since every link has to end in some web page with user generated content there is today a bigger draft by the increasing number of sharing sites only made to forward articles, images, music or videos like pearltrees or pinterest. They provide an increasing number of users in need for links.

A word to those sharing

Many of you may feel totally alright with sharing only, in fact many people are, and if you are one of them then you are among only 9% of all internet users according to the 1% rule. There is an interesting analogy to that kind of participating and the ready-made, also known as objet trouvé. If you have any other websites designed for “sharing only” apart from the aforementioned, please leave a comment in the form next to this post.

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27 Types of Tweets in One Image

Recently in the summer sun Bitsphere thought about the right frequency to tweet. To get a human readable feed with some reasonable number of people to follow it turned out that it might be best for the Bitsphere project to produce three tweets a day. This in advancing the thoughts about the right time to post.

Although this is a rather theoretical number for the Bitsphere project and might be too planned, along this thoughts arose another which goes: Breaking down the content of a tweet by the number of three might make sense too.

Bitsphere created a thing like a data cube which allows to sort typical tweets. Obviously there are other kind of tweets not included in the cube but many of tweets even in your time line may easily be put in that rooster:

Types of Tweets

Within this cube there are 27 small green cubes. To each of them there are three values assigned: A type of content value, a type of statement value and a type of privacy level. To provide a cool twitter time line to his followers, Bitsphere thinks one should at least spread his types of tweets among several of the small green cubes.

To make an example: The tweet to announce this blog post will go something like this: “27 Types of Tweets”. To sort it with the cubes this would be a “Business – Link (to) – own content” tweet. For let’s say I tweeted “Finished blog post – going for a walk” Would be a “Personal – statement – own content” tweet. Once you get the idea you can easily invent other 25 tweets matching the other small green cubes.

If you have some thoughts or resources on analyzing tweet behavior please share it in the comment section!

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Blogging About Blogging In Time

timelessThinking about the right time to blog brought up some different aspects of blogging in time.

It seems humans get used to regularity in their consumption of media. If they like something they tend to organize their lifes around it and obviously most medias whether it is newspaper, radio, TV, Youtube or blogging is more likely to attract a bigger audience if they obey a certain rhythm.

There are many sources on the net which helps to determine the right time to post a blog post. Bitsphere found this sources very inspiring:

What Bitsphere found most interesting is that it depends on the type of business you would like to promote and what type of responses one is expecting which makes the ideal time differing for different bloggers.

One very important source which is designed for youtube but also provides ideas way ahead into many parts of social media is the official youtube creators playbook.

If you have any experiences about online publication and regularity share it in the comment section below!

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Videos of old posts partly removed

In order to catch up with the new site design of Bitsphere has moved some videos from public to private access. This are some videos with little relevance outside this blog. However, two or three of the old posts from back in 2008 has no more access to the videos and are not displayed as intended then.

The relevance of the Bitsphere youtube channel on the other hand is more concentrated now and the youtube channel is more than a cloud storage for the Bitsphere videos.

Enjoy the public videos there or subscribe to the video channel!