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Rule based live music

note_symbol“Audible/Inaudible 2012 -2014”

During the last two years Bitsphere performed an anonymous rule based live piece at a local bar which lies at the entry of the inner city when coming from the Bitsphere office. The piece for piano consists of some rules which will be listed in the next paragraph. The piece described here originated in a spontaneous idea and is an example of artistic intervention in everyday live. With the description of this peace and possible impacts Bitsphere likes to invite others to accoustic involvement in shared living spaces.

The rule set

  1. Every day the player passes the bar he has to enter and play the next tone on a chromatic scale beginning at the lowest note if all the rules apply
  2. The player should play only if he passes alone
  3. The player should be in a proper state for working according to governmental working rules
  4. The Piano shall be unoccupied
  5. No other musician shall play in the bar at the time
  6. Nothing should be purchased when entered to play a tone


By applying this rules it was possible to play all the keys of the grand piano within two years. The bar is usually closed Sunday and Monday but opens early in the morning and does not close before midnight. In the summer time sometimes they close in the afternoon to move to an outdoor location some paths away. Bitsphere only once had the chance to play the tone there (this tone was doubled) when some band installed a keyboard over there.


After a while some of the frequenter where aware that Bitsphere had a certain regulatory and they started to interact after the tone was played. One occasionally applauded and it is quite sure he sort of realized what was going on though Bitsphere tried to hide which means a visitor who only heard one of the tones should have thought there is someone just hitting a key for whatever reason. In general the relation to the waiters was relaxed randomly they tried to sell a beer to Bitsphere after the tone had gone. But this did not apply to rule #6.

Due to rule #2 the piece passed relatively anonymously there were no one told what was going on. It was just like entering – acting – listening – leaving and this kind of loneliness when inserting a sound to the daily noises with a melody only aware to one person in the beginning let to certain reflections about music which may not come easy in other ways. The difference in the player – the spectators – and even the tuning of the piano over the time is observed.

The player in his inner state – sometimes resisting to play though the rules do all apply – sometimes wanting to advance even if one ore more rule is not fulfilled has to remember over the whole span which note has to played at the next occasion which sometimes takes a little longer to come. The spectators were divided in two groups: Some not aware that this is a piece of music as just another one presses one of the keys of the piano, some aware there is someone who comes back regularly to play just one note on the piano which was at least tuned one time over the two years.

What is next?

After this piece Bitsphere wants to do more live events and perhaps faster rule based performances. Please drop some words in the comment box if you have experience in rule based live music or any other thing to say! You may also name some rules here and Bitsphere will try to perform them!



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27 Types of Tweets in One Image

Recently in the summer sun Bitsphere thought about the right frequency to tweet. To get a human readable feed with some reasonable number of people to follow it turned out that it might be best for the Bitsphere project to produce three tweets a day. This in advancing the thoughts about the right time to post.

Although this is a rather theoretical number for the Bitsphere project and might be too planned, along this thoughts arose another which goes: Breaking down the content of a tweet by the number of three might make sense too.

Bitsphere created a thing like a data cube which allows to sort typical tweets. Obviously there are other kind of tweets not included in the cube but many of tweets even in your time line may easily be put in that rooster:

Types of Tweets

Within this cube there are 27 small green cubes. To each of them there are three values assigned: A type of content value, a type of statement value and a type of privacy level. To provide a cool twitter time line to his followers, Bitsphere thinks one should at least spread his types of tweets among several of the small green cubes.

To make an example: The tweet to announce this blog post will go something like this: “27 Types of Tweets”. To sort it with the cubes this would be a “Business – Link (to) – own content” tweet. For let’s say I tweeted “Finished blog post – going for a walk” Would be a “Personal – statement – own content” tweet. Once you get the idea you can easily invent other 25 tweets matching the other small green cubes.

If you have some thoughts or resources on analyzing tweet behavior please share it in the comment section!

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Blogging About Blogging In Time

timelessThinking about the right time to blog brought up some different aspects of blogging in time.

It seems humans get used to regularity in their consumption of media. If they like something they tend to organize their lifes around it and obviously most medias whether it is newspaper, radio, TV, Youtube or blogging is more likely to attract a bigger audience if they obey a certain rhythm.

There are many sources on the net which helps to determine the right time to post a blog post. Bitsphere found this sources very inspiring:

What Bitsphere found most interesting is that it depends on the type of business you would like to promote and what type of responses one is expecting which makes the ideal time differing for different bloggers.

One very important source which is designed for youtube but also provides ideas way ahead into many parts of social media is the official youtube creators playbook.

If you have any experiences about online publication and regularity share it in the comment section below!